Why is the price so cheap?

Some of our products have dents or scratches on the surface although these don’t affect the functionality of them. That’s why we give our customers a big discount on our home appliances.

Where do you get your products from?

Our products come directly from LG or 48-hour returns from Home Depot.

What are the reasons for people returning them to Home Depot? Is it due to quality issues?

Home Depot has a 48-hour return policy in which they accept any reason for returns. Reasons may be because of wrong size or wrong color decision or even because it was just an impulse purchase. Regardless of the return reason, we always make sure our customers are getting their products with perfectly working conditions at a discounted price. On top of that, our customers also have a 30-day warranty period from our store and they are able to extend the warranty up to 4 years for a small fee.

Do the dents or scratches affect the product functionality?

Not at all, they are just cosmetic defects and our products always get tested before we put them for sale at our store. However, in the unlikely event of a product malfunction, our customers will always have a 30-day warranty at not extra cost or even a paid extended warranty.

Are your products new, used or refurbished?

Most of our products have never been used, they are new and packed inside. Nevertheless, some products from Home Depot 48-hour return might come slightly used.


Do your products come with warranty?

Yes, all our appliances include a 30-day warranty that covers parts and labor. Furthermore, our customers can extend it up to 4 years at a small additional cost. The warranty extension price is reasonable and it includes both parts and labor too. During the first 30 days after the purchase, as long as it is an internal problem of the product, our store will cover for that. If problems arise because of the wrong installation from a third party or customer’s misuse of the product, we will charge a $50 service fee.

What if the product does not work right after the purchase?

It should not happen but there is always a very small possibility. However, if it happens, we will go to your house to get the problem fixed for yo. If we aren not able to fix it, we can either replace the product or in the worst-case scenario, we will fully refund you.

What if I don't buy the extended warranty and the product breaks down on 30 or 40 days?

In the unlikely event that the product stop working properly after 30-40 days after the day of the purchase, don’t worry. We will still help you to solve any kind of problem through a phone call or even a home service.

Can I return the products after my purchase?

Our products are open box products, they are not brand-new. This peculiar characteristic makes all our sales final. However, our customers have 48 hours to test the products and within that period any appliance can be returned only in case it does not work properly.


Do you offer installation service?

Yes, of course! We offer delivery, installation and haul away service for a small fee.

How long will delivery take?

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What exactly happens after ordering?

Once you have confirmed your order and you have paid for them at our store, we will let you know a date for the delivery so you can organize yourself and receive the product at home.


Which payment methods do you accept at your store?

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Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the product?

All sales are final because they are discounted products. We only do refunds in the case there is a product malfunction that cannot be solved during the 30-day warranty period.

Do you do finance?

Yes, we do. The finance application fee is $39 and you can pay off your products in a 95-day period with no interest. Furthermore, you can also choose between 12-month or 18-moth terms (this will depend on the finance company).